Custom Residential Architecture


  • Site selection & analysis

  • Development of building program

  • ArchitectureDesign Studies

  • Arch. & structural construction documents

  • Coordination of engineering services

  • Coordination of construction services

  • Selection of interior and exterior finishes Collaboration with interior designers

At M-A Architects, we have become known for our distinctive and unique custom homes. Custom residential architecture is an art form that begins with the vision of the client and is translated by our team of architects into a home that combines beauty and function.

It is the most personal type of architecture, as it transforms our clients’ dreams into the reality of the built environment. At M-A, our expertise allows us to define and execute your dream from concept through completion, with an unprecedented level of excellence, efficiency and cost -conscious collaboration with the construction team.

A custom home by M-A Architects is a synthesis of art, science and nature. Our homes complement their sites with an appropriate sense of scale, a strong relationship to the neighborhood and a great respect for the surrounding natural environment. We create inspired connections between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whenever possible, we craft our homes using natural and sustainable materials. Our homes are known for a strong sense of entry, and a warm and dynamic flow of interior spaces. In addition, we are knowledgeable about the emerging technologies in all facets of construction.


Castle Pines, Lot 55
Forrester Residence
Martin Residence
Miller Residence
Sutton Residence
Homza Residence
Papay Residence
Geller Residence
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